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UV/LED Gel Nail Stickers | Semi Cured | Purple Marble Waves | 20 Gelpolish Nail Wraps

UV/LED Gel Nail Stickers | Semi Cured | Purple Marble Waves | 20 Gelpolish Nail Wraps

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Our gel nail stickers are from our shop BIMA nails part of TATTOODAY. Check instruction video's on our TikTok or Instagram: @bimanails.official

- 20 Gel Nail stickers (so you have enough choices to get the right size)
- File
- Wooden stick
- 1 Alcohol pad

- UV/LED lamp
- We recommend Top Coat for longer lasting but it's not necessary
- Cuticle Oil to remove the gel nail stickers

1. Prep your own nail first
2. Choose the right size nail sticker
3. Stick the nail sticker on your nail and press it to your nail, especially the edges. You can use the wooden stick to press and flatten the edges extra
4. File of the extra part of the sticker or use scissors
5. Cure 60 seconds under UV/LED lamp
6. If necessary file again it there are some sharp edges
7. You can use top coat to extra seal the stickers and also cure under the UV/LED lamp. The stickers will last longer.

Base coat is not needed.*

1. Apply cuticle oil to the edges
2. Use the wooden stick to carefully lift the gel nail sticker
3. Re-use cuticle oil if it's a bit stuck

- All gel nail stickers are in a black film package. Keep it in here if you are not using it. Avoid UV/sunlight otherwise the gel nail stickers will be cured and aren't useable anymore.

The gel nail stickers are made of 7 layers real gelpolish and are 60% cured. It's easy to apply, in 30 minutes you have beautiful nails. It's cheaper then a salon and it takes less time. The nails last at least 2 weeks. Sometimes up till 3/4 weeks.

- Orders won't be shipped with track and trace. It will be shipped with letter mail.
- There is an option for track and trace.
- We try to ship in 1-2 days. Most of the time it takes 1 week before it arrives, max. 3 weeks.
- Did you not receive it 3 weeks? Please contact me.
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